​News Release

Ten West Link receives final federal approval
September 13, 2019

On Friday September 13, 2019, DCR Transmission, LLC welcomed receipt of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the Ten West Link transmission project from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.  The FEIS incorporates a 125-mile Preferred Route for the Project between Arizona and California, which partially deviates from the originally proposed project route in order to minimize potential environmental impacts by using Department of Energy’s Energy Corridor, BLM-designated utility corridors, and avoids the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge and all major population centers. The document finalizes the Agency Preferred Route for the Project and is a critical step in securing the Record of Decision, and for allowing BLM to issue the Right-of-Way over BLM-land for the Project.

Link to FEIS: https://eplanning.blm.gov/epl-front-office/projects/nepa/59013/20003312/250003944/Final_EIS_Ten_West_Link.pdf 

The FEIS is a key milestone in the environmental review under the National Environmental Policy Act process.  The BLM solicited feedback from numerous stakeholders including the general public, government agencies, environmental organizations, Tribal entities and landowners.  Along with other key stakeholders, the California Public Utilities Commission actively participated as a “Cooperating Agency” in the BLM process for the Project. 

The DCRT development team remains committed to diligently working towards completing the environmental process and other project development activities for the Ten West Link, and is focused on securing state licenses and permits in a timely fashion to successfully complete this Project.Type your paragraph here.

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